Lori Rouleau


Lori has over 10 years of experience in high tech recruitment… She has a strong desire to help organizations find great talent. As a corporate recruiter she grew headcount over 30%. She’s instrumental in helping to identify and attract strong technical talent to have the resources to support business growth and deliver high quality services to clients.

Candidate Testimonial:

Lori Rouleau just helped me land what I feel is the best job with the best company that I have worked for in quite a long time. Lori is one of those unique and special people that defies the traditional mold of talent acquisition specialists. Lori understands the fine balance between helping an organization find the best talent for a role, and being a solid advocate for you as an applicant. I have had the pleasure of knowing and seeing Lori in action for several years, and am always impressed with her level of knowledge of the industry, the company she is representing, the role, and her honest perspective about how well you may, or may not fit. She has the highest integrity, is tenacious and incredibly caring and gracious. I could not look for a better person to represent me as an applicant, and would reach out to her again if I ever need another role.