How Clear Point and BP Logix Navigated Hiring in a “White-Hot Economy”

BP Logix is a powerful automation provider for businesses who must ensure their workflows are both repeatable and compliant with regulations. Their flagship product, Process Director, offers a “low-code” platform for businesses to create apps to automate critical processes.

When BP Logix planned to launch a series of new features, they realized they needed a better way to test and prototype in-house. This led CEO Girish Pashilkar to contact Clear Point to help make their first UX hire.

While the company knew what they needed, they realized finding the right candidate wasn’t going to be easy.

“We were trying to hire a hard-to-find role in a white-hot economy,” Pashilkar said. “We knew that this was going to add to the complexity of our hiring process.”

BP Logix tasked Clear Point with finding an experienced UX professional who would join the company first as an individual contributor with the goal of eventually building out a full team. This meant they needed to identify a candidate who was both comfortable rolling up their sleeves as well as creating a team from the ground up.

“This was a complex product, and we needed to find someone who could handle it solo,” said Carol Szatkowski, president of Clear Point. “Girish and his team understood the value of high-quality UX on customer satisfaction, so they were fully committed.”

Throughout the search, BP Logix and Clear Point met weekly to review candidates, adjust expectations, and discuss what they had learned from previous interviews.

“Clear Point had the patience to work through these degrees of difficulty,” Pashilkar said. “I don’t think there was any point in the hiring process where they made us feel like we were taking too much time or being too picky.”

Clear Point remained closely involved in every phase. At one point, BP Logix had identified a promising candidate, but the candidate showed signs that they weren’t ready to commit. Clear Point was able to redirect to a candidate who was a better fit.

“I felt like they were truly advocating for us and not just trying to fill the spot,” Pashilkar said.

Today, BP Logix continues to build their UX team under the leadership of their new hire, helping move their product forward with a singular focus on customer experience.

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