Clear Point Works With E-Commerce Firm To Fill A Director Role

Flow enables ecommerce merchants (brands & retailers) to sell cross-border and offer their customers a highly localized shopping experience with automatic and accurate duty/tax calculation, acceptance of many forms of international payment, local currency and low-cost international shipping options.

When Flow co-founder Mike Bryzek needed to fill a critical Director of Technology Service Delivery role, he turned to Carol Szatkowski and the team at Clear Point to help vet candidates and manage the interview process.

“We had a really positive experience working with Carol and Clear Point,” Mike said, noting that Clear Point allowed his team to focus on the candidates themselves, not the recruiting process. “It felt like a very efficient use of our team’s time.”

MIke and his team did not have a formal job description but did have a deep understanding of what the role entailed. He worked with Carol to provide the “broad strokes” of the new position and explore the areas of the business that would be enhanced by the hire.

From there, the Clear Point team presented a pool of candidates for consideration, eventually narrowing the applicant list down for the interview stage. At that point, Mike and Carol had weekly check-in calls to discuss each candidate, helping to refine a series of questions that Flow could use to ascertain candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

Once Mike had the chance to screen each candidate, he would reconnect with Carol to discuss his own observations and compare notes, verifying what each had learned and providing an opportunity to correct any incorrect assumptions.

Ultimately, Mike filled the role with a Clear Point candidate. He looks back on the experience as an efficient and well-run hiring process for such an important role.

“At the end of the day, the candidates were great,” he said. “Carol started with a diverse set of individuals and then zeroed in on what we specifically needed.”

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