We can provide e-learning specialists to help companies get their clients get up to speed on products through on-line courses, manuals, videos and other tools. We are the source for skilled professionals such as instructional designers, technical trainers and e-learning developers who get users up and running.

We are the architects of successful careers in the e-learning, technical training and user experience sectors of the information industry. We specialize in e-learning staffing and recruiting to help companies get their clients get up to speed on products through on-line courses, manuals, videos and other tools.

Are you satisfied with your job in the e-learning sector? Does it give you the growth opportunity you desire? If it doesn’t, maybe a job change would be in order. Although the e-learning industry is competitive by nature, landing an e-learning job does not have to seem like an impossible task

Clear Point Consultants is a boutique, niche consulting firm developed for UX recruitment and staffing, including technical writing and e-learning. We are more than a recruiting service; we maximize the performance and satisfaction of employers and prospective employees. Clear Point is knowledgeable enough in industry details and broad enough in its vision to understand what employers are really looking for as well as the situations in which prospective employees will best fit.

For job seekers, we are the agency with the technical background and experience to understand and fulfill your career goals. We are recruiters who know well the UX, technical-writing and e-learning space. We can advise you in preparing the tools that employers will want to see like an online portfolio, be a sounding board and a free resource. We can share trends, while being your eyes on the market for your desired objectives. At Clear Point, we not only help you find a job, we want to be your agent for the rest of your career.

For Employers

For Brian McLaughlin, vice president of product design and user experience at Bottomline Technologies, Clear Point Consultants was the answer. “It is a pleasure to work with Carol and Clear Point Consulting. There is a reason why a boutique resource provider exists successfully in this space. Her handpicked candidates were exactly what we needed, in contrast to large recruitment firms that sent me packet after packet.”


For Employees

For Senior Technical Writer Elizabeth Michaud, Clear Point Consultants was the answer. “Clear Point Consultants really cares about placing you somewhere where you and the client will actually be happy over the long-term. Everybody at Clear Point goes a level beyond ordinary.”


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