City or suburb? Fast-paced or relaxed lifestyle? Moving to New York City means the opportunity to enjoy both. If you are contemplating taking on the Big Apple for a new job, you have a lot of reasons to consider embracing this city that never sleeps.

Ticket to ride

One of the major benefits of choosing to live in New York City is its impressive public transportation system. The New York City Transit Authority is a part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the busiest and largest transit system in all of North America. Luckily, the transportation network isn’t restricted to the city alone, meaning commuters can travel in from the five boroughs or neighboring suburbs via train, ferry, or bus. 

A diverse crowd

There are a lot of stereotypes about New Yorkers, but they don’t always reflect the city’s true diversity. Half of New York’s population is made up of people who were born outside the United States. Living and working in this city means you are truly immersed in a melting pot of cultures, languages and people.

The right neighborhood for you

Covering only about 300 square miles, New York City packs a lot into a small space. But the close quarters don’t mean that every borough and neighborhood is alike. Make sure to do your research to find the right neighborhood that reflects your interests, activities, and lifestyle. You’ll find a wide array of experiences tucked away inside this metropolis. 

The financial impact

Life in New York can be costly. Even though you probably won’t need a car, public transportation is not free. Housing, food, entertainment—everything is likely to cost more than what you have been paying elsewhere. Factor this into salary discussions so you have realistic expectations before making the big move. 

So many things to see and do

While New York may be expensive, residents have access to an amazing range of activities and events. From cuisine that reflects every corner of the globe to museums to concerts to musicals, New Yorkers are never at a loss for entertainment. There are even outdoor spaces, from famous parks to beaches.  While New York City may go 24/7, unfortunately, you will have to sleep at some point.