Whether Boston makes you think first of baseball or history, this city has a lot to offer to anyone considering relocating. Like many major metropolises, Boston also offers the option of living in the city or commuting in from the suburbs. 

A walk through history

Central to the American Revolution, Boston is filled with historical places. Walk the Freedom Trail, visit Paul Revere’s house or explore the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. Wherever you go, you are likely to encounter a nod to how the United States first gained its independence.

Sports are also big

Of course, for many Bostonians, the historical destinations that matter the most are the ones connected to the city’s major sports teams—the Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots. Professional sports are taken very seriously here, and with good reason—the Celtics are the NBA’s most successful team with 17 championships and the Red Sox’s home Fenway Park is as much a landmark as any other in the city.

Easy to get away

Another advantage to living in Boston is the proximity of easy weekend getaways. You are close to places such as Cape Cod, Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard when you want to enjoy the beach in the summer. And Boston itself offers cooler temperatures and less humidity during summer than other cities like New York or Washington, DC. Yes there is snow, but that just opens up options for winter weekends in nearby Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont. No matter the season, Boston has you covered.

Savor the seafood

Thanks to Boston’s proximity to the Atlantic, you can expect terrific seafood. From clam chowder to oysters, Boston often has access to fresher options than the rest of the country. For foodies, Boston has come into its own in terms of vibrant cuisine, while a strong brewing culture is perfect for anyone who appreciates a craft beer.

College town

An indelible part of Boston’s personality is shaped by the sheer number of colleges and universities in the city and suburbs. From MIT and Harvard to Boston College and Emerson, this is truly a college town. And thanks to the significant brain power being developed there, the city has become a major science and tech mecca.

Great healthcare

Finally, all of Massachusetts has universal health care for residents thanks to MassHealth. The service has been around since 2006, meaning it runs relatively smoothly—definitely a perk if you are thinking of calling Boston your new home.