As the user experience field continues to explode, UX talent is in increasingly high demand. In a survey, by Nielson Norman Group, of 1,000 UX professionals, they found high job satisfaction and extreme diversity. Hugely varying educational backgrounds, 210 job titles, and wide-ranging work roles and activities highlight how diverse UX professionals’ jobs are. Fully 75% of their respondents said that they perform at least 16 different UX activities and UX professionals work in virtually every industry.

For employers looking to create or grow a UX department navigating increasing complex fields can be a bit like landing in a foreign country. Fortunately, there is a solution for both employers and talent.  A woman-owned and run specialized recruitment agency has become the standard for technical recruiting firms.  The company is known for its ethics, integrity and ongoing commitment to companies and the individuals that they place in the User Experience, Technical Writing and e-learning fields.

President, Carol Szatkowski founded Clear Point Consultants in 1989 as a niche agency specializing in technical communications. As the market evolved, Carol observed companies beginning to shift their attention to designing better products rather than explaining bad designs through documentation. Clear Point refocused on the fast-growing user experience (UX) field, and within a few years grew from a regional staffing provider of UX professionals to one with national recognition.

According to Szatkowski, “We know the jobs in our specialty fields well and we really like making matches. We help our employers from start-ups to Fortune 500 to define exactly what they need and then we match them with the perfect top talent.” Easy to do, since Clear Point also specializes in helping the best professionals from across the nation find their ideal job in UX, technical writing, and e-learning, whether temporary or permanent. The company’s small size allows the staff to screen every employer and potential employee and only work with the best. It also allows them to help employers to define and refine their new job position and insure a perfect match.

Whether a company needs UX designers, user interface designers, interaction designers, user experience researchers, information architects, or usability specialists, Clear Point is prepared to bring employers the best talent on the market.  Brian McLaughlin, Vice President Product Design & User Experience at Bottomline Technologies agrees, “It is a pleasure to work with Carol and Clear Point Consulting. There is a reason why a boutique resource provider exists successfully in this space. Her handpicked candidates were exactly what we needed, in contrast to large recruitment firms that sent me packet after packet.”

“User experience (UX) design is all about making your products and services, especially technical ones, as easy and enjoyable as possible for the end user. We help companies understand this rapidly expanding field and how they can benefit most from the specific talents of user experience, technical writing and e-learning professionals. To further assist our clients, our new website has begun to add white papers on hiring user experience professionals and for potential applicants, how to get the job of your dreams,” explains Szatkowski.

For Senior Technical Writer Elizabeth Michaud, Clear Point Consultants was the answer. “Clear Point Consultants really cares about placing you somewhere where you and the client will actually be happy over the long-term. Everybody at Clear Point goes a level beyond ordinary.” enthuses Elizabeth.

The combination of Clear Point’s mission, experience and contacts creates a powerful synergy. The company’s mission is to help their client companies find the talent that will create amazing user experiences, and to help UX professionals find the position that makes them happiest. Twenty years of experience and relationship building have created a singular industry reach and important relationships that enable them to make the right connection for each and every client.

Summing up the Clear Point experience, Carol adds, “We look forward to leading the way in user experience staffing whether permanent, contract, contract to permanent or consulting. Check out our new website and especially our Knowledge Hub. It is the start of conversations with thought leaders in the field. Our blog and Usability Magazine will keep you up to date on the field and lead the way in user experience conversations. We welcome your thoughts and submissions!

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