Finding UX talent is a job comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. All of the usual ways for finding staff seem to be meaningless when it comes to UX recruitment. Why?

Most professionals are so concentrated in their work between the demands of the job and the fact that their employer goes to great length to retain them in their current position. It takes a recruiter to be able to reach out and offer them job opportunities.

 Save Time & Money

Many employers come to us after searching for months. By getting it right the first time, UX recruiters can streamline the process, reduce turnover and streamline productivity. At Clear Point we have developed a detailed personalized screening process that enables our UX recruiters to identify the ideal candidates for the position.

 Find the Perfect Fit

User experience (UX) is concerned with making products and services easy and enjoyable to use. But in a field that includes everything from information architecture to usability testing and visual design, defining your company’s specific UX needs can be a challenge. UX  recruiters can help you define exactly what you are looking for.

Relationships with Talent

Finding the ideal UX talent is based on a relationship-based approach that goes far beyond matching generic resumes with job descriptions. Talented professionals are at the heart of our client’s financial success. Employees who love their job tend to create better products and services leading to both satisfied customers and thriving business. Finding the perfect fit between companies and talent is what UX recruiters are trained to do.

 Know the Language

UX recruiters also speak the language. The field is constantly fluid as it is constantly evolving due to changing user circumstances. With this constantly changing landscape, it is important to understand exactly what terminology and skills define a position.

Assess the Intangibles

UX recruiters know the qualities that are indispensable for UX professionals. Since the practice of UX is based on explaining things to people, top candidates must be able to clearly articulate their design decisions. Of equal value is the understanding that UX design is concerned with the experience of others and not an individual opinion. Top candidates will rarely speak in the first person about their designs, preferring instead to discuss research findings and personas. UX recruiters will help you look beyond the wireframes and site maps and ask whether candidates can sell an idea and play well with others.

See the Right Stuff

UX recruiters help their talent to have the best presentation possible. Employers don’t waste time sifting through talent without resumes, portfolios and examples of work.