Eric Carlson, Boston based Graphic Artist has a podcast called GC Chatter Podcast, a resource for people interested in getting into the world of computer graphics (CG!).
Eric interviewed our very own Maureen Lawson about everything from jobs to interviewing to her pet dog Patrick! Listen to the podcast here:

CG Chatter 011: Lead UX Recruiter Maureen Lawson

Welcome to the CG Chatter Podcast episode #11! In this episode I chat with Maureen (Moe) Lawson, Lead UX Recruiter at Clear Point Consultants. Moe has played a major role in my own career, and I was thrilled to get the chance to pick her brain for advice on a broad range of career-related topics. She’s a tremendous resource and offered loads of tips that can help folks in any stage of their careers, whether students or industry veterans.

Highlights include:
◾Moe’s Great Dane, Patrick
◾Her 20+ years experiences in recruiting and career services
◾Her transition from a large agency to a small 4-person team
◾What is “UX”?
◾How Moe finds candidates
◾How to use LinkedIn effectively for your career
◾Importance of a high quality, up-to-date, and lean portfolio
◾Why and how to present work specifically tailored to the position you’re applying for
◾How to get a leg-up in your job search
◾Don’t be shy – ask people for help!
◾Informational interviews
◾Demystifying “networking”
◾How to make the most of networking events
◾Tips on choosing a school
◾How to thrive in the industry
◾Work/life balance topics including ways to set boundaries
◾You CAN make a living in a creative field