Full Time / Permanent Finance Manager (Remote)

Our client in the Insurtech industry is seeking a Finance Manager to oversee the financial operations and oversee that the business, policies and processes are in place so that the company can continue to scale. The Finance Manager will ensure accurate and timely financial reporting, including monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements.

Strong knowledge of finance principles, financial analysis, accounting standards, and financial reporting.

  • Ability to align financial strategies with the company’s growth objectives and climate/insurance mission.
  • Capacity to think analytically and make data-driven financial decisions to drive the business forward.
  • Ability to create strong KPI driven program and reporting capabilities.
  • Knowledge of risk assessment and mitigation strategies, especially related to climate and insurance industries. Understanding of insurance policies and coverage to ensure appropriate risk management for the company.
  • Familiarity with financial regulations and compliance requirements specific to start-ups and the climate/insurance sector.
  • Capacity to thrive in a dynamic start-up environment with evolving challenges and changing priorities. Strong problem-solving skills to address financial complexities and make informed decisions.
  • Understanding of the insurance industry, including relevant products and risk management practices.
  • Comfortable working with financial software, data analytics tools, and financial reporting systems used in start-ups. Ability to leverage technology to improve financial processes and insights.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with outside parties and vendors such as auditor, service providers, and more.
  • Strong ethical standards and a commitment to conducting financial operations with integrity and transparency.
  • Strong desire to work collaboratively across a small but highly skilled team.
  • Passion for solving climate problems, taking complex challenges, and delivering simple results.
  • Strong understanding and experience of working in both a Lean and Agile environment.

The best things about this job

  • You’re in right at the start, so you have a real opportunity to shape both your and the company’s future.
  • A chance to be a part of a team building a new market and helping accelerate the planet’s need to meet net-zero targets.
  • Working in a company that will be set up to drive continuous innovation.
  • You will be surrounded by exceptional talent that are smart, hungry, and humble.
  • You will have the opportunity to grow and learn, shape our culture, and define many of the ways of working.

Experiences that would make you a good candidate for this role:

  • Startup experience in a financial leadership role, such as a Financial Controller, Finance Director, or a similar position, responsible for overseeing financial operations, reporting, and decision-making through the growth of a business.
  • Previous experience in the insurance industry bringing valuable domain knowledge and an understanding of the specific challenges and regulatory landscape in this sector.
  • A track record of developing robust financial models, conducting in-depth financial analysis, and making data-driven recommendations to support strategic decision-making. Candidates who have worked collaboratively with various teams, such as sales, marketing, and operations, demonstrating the ability to integrate financial insights into broader business strategies.
  • Experience in implementing financial systems and leveraging technology to streamline financial processes in a start-up setting.
    • Strong knowledge of trends in the carbon market demonstrating a passion for sustainability, climate action, or social impact initiatives align well with the mission of a climate-focused start-up.


      Base Salary

      Long-term Stock-based compensation plan.

      Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

      HSA Account

      Life & Disability Insurance

      Unlimited Paid Leave


      The successful candidate will be subject to a background check, as required for employment at company.

      Diversity & Inclusion: Diverse teams bring a diversity of thinking, experience, and perspective, which this company truly values.


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