Our client, a Nationwide Multi-State Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) is seeking a Content Designer who is expert with DITA and XML authoring tools.

This job can be fully remote and can accept candidates from these states: Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Texas, South Carolina and Georgia.

 This is NOT a straightforward technical writing position. The candidate will be pioneering XML content authoring for the organization.

 The Content Designer will produce and maintain accurate, concise, and usable content in a variety of different types, including business processes, UI system text, how-to articles, knowledge articles, overviews, online help, and others. Utilizing desktop, web, and XML-based authoring tools, the Content Designer will assist in meeting the information needs of our members and staff. Active participation on operational project teams collaborating with business analysts, user working groups, system developers, and business partners is critical to ensure seamless navigation support through system implementations and enhancements.

 Essential Functions


Assist in the design, development, and successful implementation of an XML content authoring solution for our support content. This is NOT a straightforward technical writing position. The candidate will be pioneering XML content authoring for the organization.

 Assist in the development of a robust and functional content taxonomy, metadata, and classification.

 Develop and implement a strategy for the transition of a large volume of content to XML format.

 Assist with process of converting existing desktop and web-published content into a structured content environment, maintaining effective workflows to provide manageable, consistent content.


Create, edit, and maintain support content for all products using desktop (i.e, MS Word, Adobe PDF), web (i.e., HTML, SharePoint, ServiceNow), and structured (i.e., oXygen, DITA XML) content authoring tools and publishing methodologies.

 Develop, maintain, and enforce an XML information model for support content.

Develop, maintain, and enforce a content style guide.

Consistently apply content development standards, style guidelines, and best practices across all resources.

 Develop and maintain documentation that captures structured content authoring processes, guidelines, and technical requirements.

 Proofread and copyedit content for proper use of grammar, punctuation, and style guidelines; ensure quality and accuracy of documentation.


Collaborate with staff to transfer knowledge about best practices, tools, and other aspects of the structured content environment.

 Assist staff in learning and mastering structured content tools, techniques, and processes.

 Ensure documentation development is completed per project schedules.

 Coordinate information for multiple projects and implement efficient knowledge solutions.

Participate in cross-departmental teams focused on product and process improvement.

 Integrate content development systems with existing technologies and adapt processes to align with them.

 Maintain and enhance a content infrastructure that supports excellence in content development, re-use, and searchability.


Utilize and maintain the operational framework of content management and related development tools, processes, and schemas.

 Proactively identify and address opportunities for continual improvement to enhance the quality, efficiency, and flow of content systems and processes.

 Update intranet and internet resources as assigned.

 Participate in the software development process for multiple products, providing UI system text solutions.

 Work with software development teams to analyze enhancements and determine impacts to support content needs, developing and maintaining content according to project timelines.


Additional Responsibilities

 Develop and maintain legacy content according to legacy processes while also working towards the development of XML content authoring solutions.

 Contribute to the advancement of best practices across the Learning & Development team.

Develop technical writing strategies for design documentation, project input, user guides, reference materials, tutorials and online documentation.


Conduct training sessions for users as needed.


Create recorded demonstrations of system processes and functionality as needed.



Education and Experience

3-5 years’ experience producing user documentation in a software development environment.

Demonstrated experience in developing or setting up an XML content authoring solution for an organization that has never done it before.

Demonstrated experience with developing specialized content using Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) and in the use of XML authoring tools like oXygen.

 Ability to serve as a “DITA Evangelist” – convincing other business units to use XML-based content solutions, answering questions, and providing training.

 Experience with publishing within a ServiceNow environment.

 Experience managing content using SharePoint.

 Experience uploading structured content using an FTP client like FileZilla.

 Experience with the use of Jira to manage and participate in the software development lifecycle.

 Experience in managing metadata and content role groups using Excel-based classification files.

 Experience as an administrator for Zoomin a big plus.

 Strong understanding of Knowledge Management and Content Management.

 Experience working in both agile and waterfall software development environments.

 Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SnagIt, or similar applications to render basic illustrations and screen captures for inclusion in member documentation.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

 Candidate must be a self-starter, self-motivated, and interested in developing a structured content authoring process from the ground up. This is NOT a straightforward technical writing position. The candidate will be pioneering XML content authoring for the organization.

 Candidate must have strong analytical and critical thinking capacities, able to predict and prevent problems or complications that may arise from certain decisions or actions.

 Ability to work independently with some guidance, follow instructions, and update the team on progress; proactively ask questions, raise issues, and follow-up to resolve them.

 Experienced in working 100% remotely for a previous organization.

 Attention to detail; excellent organizational skills.

 Manage and interact with vendors, consultants, and contractors who are providing relevant services.

 Editorial skills to ensure use of correct English grammar and adherence to corporate writing/formatting/branding guidelines.


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Location Washington, DC


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