UX is an extremely competitive field. You are not only selling your skills and experience, you are also selling yourself. The following tips will help you to ace your interview:

  • Introduce your work as if prospective employers have never seen your online portfolio. Be able to explain your work clearly and concisely.
  • If you have examples of how you designed something in a particularly innovative way, point that out.
  • Be prepared with examples of how you won over stakeholders to your design.
  • Be keyed into your audience and be interactive. Ask what people think and, if they have any questions, showcase your collaborative nature!
  • Be prepared to do a design exercise.
  • Be prepared to discuss and be a part of the UX community.
  • Showcase your LinkedIn and other social-media participations.
  • Read UX Matters and important blogs, to stay updated on trends.
  • Join organizations, attend conferences and keep up with thought leaders.