Hello and welcome to part one of our video series on how to ace your next job interview. Here, we’ll explore all the ways you should prepare before you go.

The first rule of interviews is that you can never be too prepared. When the interview feels like a breeze, you’ll be glad you put in the extra research.

What this means is you’ve pored over the company’s entire website and developed a firm understanding of what it does, who the clients are and what the culture is like. To get a good idea, look through and read recent news items on the site.

To go the extra mile, you should also check out your interviewers’ profiles on LinkedIn to see if you share anything in common. You might be able to leverage that info in the interview.

Next, you’ll need to get your answers ready. Likely, the interviewer will ask about how your experience maps to what they need.  Craft an answer that gives them a snapshot of who you are and what you’ve done that’s directly relevant to their job.

As you go through this information, take notes and review them so you’ll feel more comfortable giving these responses during the interview.

Finally, it’s time to get yourself there. To figure out an estimate of how much traveling time you’ll need, do a dry run before, factor in traffic and look out for different parking options when you get there.

On the day of your interview, try to arrive ten to fifteen minutes early. If you arrive any earlier than that, take the time to grab a coffee, review your notes and relax! You’re going to do great.

Thanks for watching, and be sure to check back here for more videos in this series!