So you want to improve the user experience design of your program or app interface. You certainly can’t do it alone. You need a team of skilled UX designers to help make it happen.

It’s one thing to staff an existing team with additional qualified managers. At least then you can address specific weaknesses and search for personnel who will fit well within a framework that is already in place. Creating a new team from scratch can be much harder.

Who should you hire for your new UX team?
There aren’t many hard-and-fast rules governing the formation of UX teams, but there are some useful guidelines.

For instance, every team needs a competent leader who not only possesses relevant UX experience, but also has a history of leading teams toward focused goals. Be sure to bring expert UX and UI designers on board to focus on making your product intuitive and enjoyable to use. But don’t forget to hire skilled developers who can build websites and apps from the ground up, as well as content professionals to ensure that the written language on your platform is understandable and adheres to your chosen design standards.

How do you find and retain your talent?
Skilled UX designers, developers and project leaders are in demand right now, so don’t expect the best people to come rushing to you for jobs without making your offer more competitive.

The best way to make your organization seem attractive to UX designers is to signal that all teams – and not just the UX team – value improved user design. Even a group of highly qualified designers will not be able to do their best work if the organization as a whole does not value their input. UX teams must be integrated within the rest of the organization, and the workplace culture must emphasize meaningful dialog and feedback.

Don’t just bring on an expert UX team, only to let it flounder. Set clear, achievable goals so team members understand that they are always working toward greater improvement. A motivated group of UX designers will always give you the best results.