There’s no doubt that the recent Covid-19 outbreak will reshape our lives, possibly for a long time. Some of us will get sick, others will lose loved ones. None of us will be untouched. 

At the same time, even amid a global pandemic, hiring goes on. If you’ve been recently laid off, are in the middle of making a career change, or are looking for a more fulfilling professional opportunity, don’t let Covid-19 scare you away from pursuing your goals.

To help guide you through these uncertain waters, we’ve assembled a brief guide to finding the right user-focused position that meets today’s needs. Opportunities are out there for user experience professionals, technical writers, and e-Learning experts, so here are some pointers to keep in mind. 

Hiring will continue. 

Companies continue to grow and expand even as Covid-19 continues. While hiring may slow in some quarters, companies will adjust their hiring needs to meet the times. Consider what industries are likely to grow—healthcare, technology—and which are likely to temporarily contract—travel, hospitality—when thinking about your next move.

Certain industries will need more support than others. 

We are already seeing clear growth in industries including cybersecurity, healthcare, and biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Companies that provide portals for medical providers and doctors, as well as those that manufacture critical medical supplies, may be short-handed in the short term and looking to fill roles. Digital platforms of all types will need to re-evaluate their user experience and make sure they are providing the information and connectivity users need during uncertain times. 

Remote needs will boom. 

From videoconferencing to mobile apps, most of us are relying on distributed and remote technologies to work, chat, and connect during this time. This means communication and collaboration tools will grow, support desks and call centers will increase hiring, and remote education will boom. While these industries have clear opportunities for UX and e-Learning professionals, don’t forget that writers, too, play an essential role in communicating information to the public. 

Clarity is critical. 

In a crisis, people rely on companies for clear, concise, and actionable information. At a time when most of us are working remotely, written communication will take on an even greater importance. From technical writing to copywriting to UX writing, there will be growing opportunities for people who can communicate efficiently and clearly.

Looking to go freelance? Now’s the time.

Companies will likely shift many of their needs temporarily to contract positions to fill critical vacancies. If you’re looking to go freelance—or already have a thriving freelance business—you will be well-positioned to take advantage of this shift to contract roles. 

There’s no question that Covid-19 will change the way we find jobs, but don’t lose hope. Companies always need talented, passionate employees, including you.