Clear Point Helps Leading Automation Firm Grow, Role By Role

James* has worked at a leading automated manufacturing firm for two decades, rising up from a technical writing role into the managerial ranks. Throughout his journey up the corporate ladder, James has relied on the advice and counsel of Carol Szatkowski and Clear Point Consultants to fill critical roles on his teams.

Their working relationship began when Clear Point filled several vacant technical writing positions on James’ team, and James was impressed with the company’s deep bench of talent.

In fact, James notes, Clear Point has even helped him fill the vacant positions he’s personally left behind as he moved up in seniority.

Over time, James and Carol would have regular conversations about the UX industry. As James’ own career began to move more towards user-centered work, he would often seek out her advice.

“When I was starting to think about usability as a function here, she helped me understand the landscape of usability, the different types of roles, job titles, and capabilities,” James said.

So when James was appointed the head of his company’s first-ever usability and engineering group, which emphasized the importance of user experience roles within the company, he immediately turned to Clear Point.

“Carol was instrumental in helping me recruit people for the usability department,” James remembered. “The usability candidates she connected me with were just awesome.”

He remembers one candidate in particular that was an “eye opener” for his team regarding what user experience roles could truly accomplish. In another case, a candidate Clear Point had selected for one role ended up being the perfect match for another open position elsewhere in the company. Clear Point finds “thought leaders” and works with the internal teams to find the perfect fit, James notes.

While he has since moved into a development operations role, James knows he and his firm will turn back to Clear Point for future hiring and ongoing advice.

“I don’t know how she does what she does but Carol definitely has access to candidates that are excellent,” James said.

He says the proof is in the people themselves.

“The difference between the candidates we can source internally and the candidates Clear Point can source externally is amazing,” he said.

*This client has requested to stay anonymous but agreed to share their Clear Point success story. Names of employees have also been changed.

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