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Kostas Giannakis, director of user experience at, had a simple goal when he first joined his company: He wanted to build a team around of qualified user experience (UX) professionals that could drive his company’s operational initiatives.

He only had one problem: didn’t have qualified UX specialists on board. They also hadn’t employed specialized recruiters who could find Giannakis the right candidates through direct recruitment channels, such as through HR initiatives and job boards.

Giannakis realized that for him to find the best talent, he needed to outsource recruiting to a third-party firm.

However, doing so isn’t as simple as it sounds. Outsourcing brought up its own unique challenges that Giannakis had to address such as:

  • Budget constraints: Would he be able to find a recruiting firm that offered him services within his company’s budget?
  • High expectations: Could that firm find qualified experts who were within his desired salary range and expectations?
  • Size of candidate pool: Would the staffing agency be able to provide a steady stream of professionals on a moment’s notice?

As you can see, leaning on outside assistance was a somewhat risky endeavor, but Giannakis had a specific plan and set of criteria that made his search easy. This is what led him to work with Clear Point UX Staffing Consultants after researching several other recruiting agencies.

Founded by Carol Szatkowski, who also serves as president, in 1989, Clear Point is a UX staffing and UX recruiting boutique agency that places experts in the fields of UX, technical writing and e-learning with companies who need staffing help.

Giannakis said Clear Point’s onboarding process was simple, straightforward and not overwhelming. The staffing firm met his goals and addressed major concerns that could slow down the team building process.

Within no time, Clear Point effectively grew Giannakis department from zero employees to eight highly sought after individuals. He noted that Clear Point has transformed not only their recruiting processes but also how does business – they’re more customer-centric than ever before.

“They completely changed the customer experience,” Giannakis said.

Along with discussing Clear Point, Giannakis made a point to talk about the driving force being the recruiting firm, Carol Szatkowski. Szatkowski is “super responsive,” Giannakis said, noting that he’ll send her an email and five or ten minutes later she’ll respond back.

This quick response time is particularly important because it shortens the hiring process significantly, allowing Giannakis and his team to focus on what they do best. He also noted that what makes Szatkowski great to work with is how she properly follows up with his company and completely understands the client-to- client relationship. This allows her to address Giannakis’ and’s needs immediately.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re also in a similar situation that was in. You don’t need to tackle the world of recruiting alone. found the perfect partner in Clear Point, and you can too. Talk to us today about how we can help you solve your most serious staffing problems.

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