simon-sinekAre you finding that the usual mechanisms for finding good talent are just not working anymore?

Is your job description, an update of last years, or a cut and paste off the web?   Most companies have to rely on some description that they post of their job, but consider this.  Throw that list out and the entire corporate lingo, and tell the story of your group, your company, the mission, the vision.  Give someone something to read about you that will interest them.  What does your company believe in?  What are their values?  There’s a terrific Ted talk by  Simon Sinek that sums up the difference in how great leaders inspire action that reminded me of how great companies attract talent.

Give them the big picture, tell the story, and ask them to engage with you.

Stacy Donovan Zapar, CEO of Tenfold Social Training  created a new recruitment strategy for Zappos that included dumping all job postings for a complete social media strategy that engages job seekers about the company culture and values.  Not every company has the resources to make this major an initiative but Stacy has it right.  It’s about the conversation, and about engagement with people. Figuring out how to do that with your recruiting budget and resources is the key to bringing in the talent.