Like lots of other kinds of design, the best UX design can often be invisible, working behind the scenes to improve the way your users interact with your products.

But because it often goes unseen, it’s important for UX designers to be able to justify why their company should invest in the work in the first place.

In a comprehensive infographic, Experience Dynamics recently laid out a wide array of reasons why UX design can be cost-effective for any company. If you need to make the case to your bosses, we recommend you check it out!

We’ve pulled out a few key highlights to share below, as well as offered our own thoughts on why these three reasons are so important for business success:

Reason 1: When users are happy, businesses are happy.

In today’s digital world, customers have hundreds of choices for nearly every type of product, service, or application they are looking to fulfill their needs. So when making a purchase or even using a free (or “freemium”) version of a product or service, customers will often pick the version that provides them with the easiest, most intuitive user experience.

Companies that invest upfront in ensuring their user experience meets—or even exceeds—customer expectations are, therefore, creating products that make users happy. And in a crowded marketplace, products that emphasize customer happiness and loyalty will rise to the top, even if other, more complicated products provide additional features buried behind complicated interfaces.

Reason 2: Good design means an easier development process.

In most companies, the development team that builds digital products or services is overworked and sometimes overwhelmed. The more time they have to spend deciphering complicated user interfaces or cumbersome layouts, the more room there is for error and complications in the development process. And the more errors, the slower and more costly the development process becomes, costing your company time and money, not to mention user frustration as products are delayed or updates are slow and patchy.

Avoid all this hassle upfront by focusing on high-quality user interface design that is supported by research and testing. Your development team will thank you, your users will thank you, and your company will thank you, too.

Reason 3: UX design helps companies build products that customers actually want.

It’s in the very title of UX design: user. By emphasizing the end user’s needs and behaviors, good user experience design helps companies create products that customers will actually want to use.

While this may seem intuitive business sense, too many companies struggle to guess about what their customer base actually wants in a product or service, relying on outdated methods like focus groups and market trends instead of using a robust design process to create their product based on actual user feedback and needs.

Show your company how it’s done and help them create a product or service that matches your customers’ needs and expectations. Everyone will be glad that you did.