Our client is a startup that is an organization that overlaps free market policy and technology. They have grown into a 3-part organization–think tank, agency and design studio. This is an unusual Senior Product Designer job. You would be working across these groups and being their “design guru”.

Many companies have separate roles for UR (talk to users and understand their needs), UX (figures out how things should work), and UI (implements the design).

We’re looking for someone who can do all three.

As our Senior Product Designer, you’ll be the first full-time design hire we ever make, and you will be our design guru. You won’t be on your own, though. You’ll have input from our resident illustrator/engineer and our Head of Product, the multiple clever Product Managers across the company, and our existing design contractors. We all want beautifully designed products and will happily contribute to the process.

A key part of this role is getting incredibly familiar with our customers. You’ll be talking to them constantly and using their feedback to guide your decisions. When we know what to build, you’ll design UIs for our apps and websites.

Things you must do well

· Maintain a crazy-high bar for product polish.

· Take feedback and collaborate like a pro.

· Learn our design languages and create mockups for our devs.

· See projects through.

· Write.


Ideally, but not a deal-breaker:


· Open PRs on our web apps with design improvements.

· Know how to design a good looking logo.

· Create beautiful motion designs.

Projects you’re likely to work on

· Redesigning our marketing page

· Helping us build the next generation school choice discovery tool for parents

· Being deployed on consulting projects for our client partners in the liberty movement

Things you won’t have to do

· Work without feedback and input from others.

· Ask permission to try interesting projects.

· Work nine to five.


Boring but Necessary Requirements

· A sizable portfolio you’re proud of.

· 3+ years of experience. This is a senior role, so we need someone with proven skills across a range of projects.

· Must be eligible to work as a full time employee in the United States


Why you might want to work with us

· We’re small, so there are little to no layers of bureaucracy to work through.

· You can have a huge impact here.

· We rarely have meetings.

· You can work remotely, though you’ll need to have a reasonable overlap with US time zones.

· You’ll have a front-row seat at an early-stage, fast-growing company with many people that have done this before. If you hope to start your own thing someday, this could be great preparation.

Why you might not want to work with us

· You are not bullish on the potential of technology.

· You don’t love capitalism.


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